Abdominal (ebook_1)
Abdominal (ebook_1)
Video-based course • Imaging of the most frequent emergencies of the GI tract • Benign hepatocellular tumours: how to differentiate • Imaging of cystic masses of the pancreas
Paediatrics (ebook_10)
Paediatrics (ebook_10)
Video-based course • Congenital malformations of the brain • Imaging of the pancreas • Imaging of inflammatory bowel disease
Safety in Radiology and Imaging Procedures (ebook_11)
Safety in Radiology and Imaging Procedures (ebook_11)
Video-based course • Basics of iterative image reconstruction in CT • Radiation protection • Interventional Radiology
Principles of Imaging Techniques and Processing (ebook_12)
Principles of Imaging Techniques and Processing (ebook_12)
Video-based course • Allergic reactions to contrast media • MRI and contrast media: what are the risks for the foetus?
Management (ebook_13)
Management (ebook_13)
Slide-based course • Radiological workload and risk management • Successful management of an Imaging Center • Measuring and managing the competency of radiologists
Breast (ebook_2)
Breast (ebook_2)
Video-based course • 2D and 3D (tomosynthesis) mammography • Clinical challenges on breast MRI • Imaging-guided minimally invasive therapy and breast biopsies
Cardiac (ebook_3)
Cardiac (ebook_3)
Video-based course • Cardiac CT anatomy, anatomical variants and anomalies: a primer • Role of cardiac MR in and after acute coronary syndromes • Cardiac MR technique
Chest/Thorax (ebook_4)
Chest/Thorax (ebook_4)
Video-based course • Lung Infection in the Immunocompromised Host • Chest trauma • Pulmonary vascular disease
Genitourinary (ebook_5)
Genitourinary (ebook_5)
Video-based course • Imaging of gynaecological malignancies • Imaging evaluation of the indeterminate adrenal mass • Staging of prostate cancer
Head and Neck (ebook_6)
Head and Neck (ebook_6)
Video-based course • Oral cavity and oropharyngeal pathology • Laryngeal and hypopharyngeal pathology • Neck lymph nodes

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